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2015 Legislative Advocacy

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2015 Legislative Advocacy

League of Women Voters of Oklahoma Advocacy Agenda

The board of directors of the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma has adopted the following legislative advocacy agenda for 2015:

  • Support adequate and sustainable funding for public education -- Oklahoma is down at the bottom by almost any measure

  • Support reform of the Oklahoma prison system -- Lessen the burden of overcrowded prisons, the high cost to our state for over-incarceration, and lower Oklahoma's high incarceration rates

  • Support for funding of a statewide healthcare system that provides mental health care, access to primary health care, ensures provision of women's healthcare (including the right to privacy and choice), and provides affordable medical care for all moderate and low-income Oklahomans

The League will continue to advocate for the following

  • Support long-term environmental sustainability: clean air, clean water, and public transit

  • Support legislation to protect voter rights and oppose legislation that would suppress the right to vote

  • Oppose legislation that would inhibit an independent judiciary

  • Support legislation that would promote gun safety

LWVOK Legislative Watch List

The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma complete legislative watch list is up and running. The list is updated regularly via the the Oklahoma State Legislature's LENS (Legislative Electronic Notification System) service.

Visit the Oklahoma Legislature's home page here.

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