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2017 Legislative Advocacy

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2017 Legislative Advocacy

League of Women Voters of Oklahoma 2017 Advocacy

The board of directors of the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma did not adopt a new legislative agenda for 2017, but continues to advocate for the following issues:

  • Expanding voter access and election reform
  • Adequate funding for public education
  • Access to health care for all Oklahomans, including expanding Medicaid
  • Prison and corrections reform
  • Environmental protection
  • Tax reform

The League will continue to advocate for the following

  • Long-term policy solutions supporting environmental sustainability: clean air, clean water, and public transit
  • Maintaining an independent judiciary
  • Promoting gun safety

LWVOK Legislative Watch List

The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma's Legislative Watch List as of March, 2017

  • Expanding voter access and election reform

    SB 347 by Sen. Fields and Sen. Holt: Allows county election boards in counties with 25,000 or more registered voters to designate more than one location for in-person absentee voting. The League supports this bill..

    SB 360 by Sen. Holt and Rep. Murphey: would allow voters to submit changes in voter registration information through an online system established by the State Election Board.The League supports this bill..

  • Adequate funding for public education

    HB 1114 by Rep. Rogers and Rep. Smalley: would increase minimum teacher salaries by $1,000 during the 2017-18 school year, another $2,000 raise during the 2018-19 school year, and a final $3,000 raise during the 2019-20 school year. The bill does not specify how this pay increase would be funded.The League supports the intention of raising teacher salaries, but would ask legislators to specify revenue sources for teacher raises..

  • Prison and corrections reform

    HB 1482 by Rep. Biggs and Sen. Sykes: would attempt to reverse the vote of the people in support of SQ 780 by making drug possession a felony within 1,000 feet of any church, school, park, or other area where children are present. This would reinstate felony drug possession over large parts of the state.The League opposes this bill.

  • Environmental Protection

    HB 2132 by Rep. McCall and Sen. Treat: Creates "Prosperity Zones" which would be exempt from legal oversight by the the state, county or municipality, allowing for no environmental or any other form of regulation.The League opposes this bill.

  • Independent Judiciary

    SJR 42 by Sen Sykes and Sen. Echols: Would send to a vote of the people a proposal to amend the Constitution to make certain judicial elections partisan rather than nonpartisan.The League opposes this bill.

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