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Common Core

1. A video from OETA's Oklahoma News Report: Pros and Cons of Common Core

Common Core standards have been adopted by the State of Oklahoma, yet there's still debate over whether this is helpful or harmful for students. This OETA Oklahoma News Report from July, 2013, discusses the pros and cons of common core state standards with Ann Caine, Superintendent of Stillwater Public Schools; Amber England, Government Affairs Director of Stand for Children, an organization that supports Common Core; Jenni White, President of R.O.P.E., Restore Oklahoma Public Education, a group opposed to Common Core; and, via Skype from San Diego, Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

2.Point/Counterpoint from the August 9th Tulsa World - Implementation Could Doom New Standards

3.Point/Counterpoint from the August 9th Tulsa World - Common Core Benefits Education and the Economy

4.August 16 Tulsa World Editorial by Sand Springs Superintendent, Lloyd Snow

Public Education Funding

1. October 13 Tulsa World - State school spending now last in seven-state region