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League of Women Voters Positions on Issues

In order to take action, the League of Women Voters first studies an issue and uses consensus to reach a position supporting advocacy and action. The process of study, reaching consensus and taking action is called the League's program.

There are two publications used by the state League as foundations for action.

1. The League of Women Voters of the U.S., Impact on Issues
2. The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma, Program Positions,

Election Help

LWVOK has a Facebook page especially for Voter Education here.

Student Voters Guide

Voting in College Common FAQs

State-by-State Voter Registration Guide

Fact Check : a good place to see who is telling the truth this time.

Project Vote Smart : a Voters Research Site

Oklahoma Election Board

Overseas Vote Foundation for Overseas Voters

Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote

National Election and Voter Information

State of Oklahoma Information

Issue Oriented and Community Service Information

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Advanced Directives- Living Wills

Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues


Taking Charge of Your Health

Alcohol Addiction

Smoking Tobacco


DACA and higher education

The education of the youth population has a direct impact on the wellbeing of the economy, health, and prosperity. This holds true around the nation; however, roughly 65,000 undocumented immigrants graduate from high school each year, and only 10,000 enroll in college. In addition, even fewer than that graduate, despite the numerous resources available to help these students.

To lift up this population, and all our communities in turn, has curated a series of open-use guides dedicated to fostering undocumented, academic collegiate success. These guides contain a bounty of information for undocumented students on core topics including financial aid, student and constitutional rights, DACA legislation, and more sources of legal support and advocacy.

College Success Guide

College Protections

Knowing Your Rights

Advocacy and Support

DACA and Key Legislature

Financial Aid Guide

Best Colleges Ranking

Online College Options

How to Contact Political Parties